Professional Premium Studio Green Muslin Backdrop 2m x 3m Green screen


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Professional Premium Studio Grey Muslin Backdrop 200cm x 300cm

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Professional Premium Studio Grey Muslin Backdrop 200cm x 300cm

This muslin Backdrop ( Background ) is made of 100% 1st Grade cotton. Locked and finished on all sides, fully seamless in one piese 2m x 3m with a Crossbar passage tunnel of 8cm on the 3m side. Perform well for all kinds of amateur and commercial photography and all occasions

Siez 200 x 300cm
Seamless In one piece
The edges are cleanly sewn, without fraying at all the edges
Tunnel of 8cm for passsage of Crossbar
125g/sq.m , almost impermeable to light
extremely strainable
as decoration material for hanging and covering
Weight: approxiately 1000g
This studio backdrop 100% Cotton fabric is folded in a box for transport and can be hung directly on a backdrop system. Wrinkles resulting from folding can easily be smooth thru a steam iron or moistened the backdrop can with water, from a plant spray bottle. After drying, the wrinkles are gone. It is recommended to stretch tighen the backdrop with clips on the side of backdrop stands side to smoothen it.

Buyer will receive:
1x Backdrop 200cm x 300cm